Ways to Start Conversations with Women on Tinder

Through the years, I’ve been able to make friends with plenty of beautiful women. By beautiful, I mean the type of women who would turn heads while they walk into a bar and have numerous males attempting to approach them over and over.

The main benefit of being friends with plenty of hot women is that you get to learn from the mistakes of other guys. When you experience what type of males are approaching these girls and what are they saying, you start to put all the pieces together. In short, you start finding out what works and what doesn’t, without going through the pain of rejection yourself.

What this means is that after a little while, you start to understand what exactly it is that these females are attracted to and what makes them feel intrigued. But it isn’t only applicable to clubs.

Some of the closest female friends I have who are extremely beautiful happen to be addicted to Tinder. I know it might seem strange, but they take it as a game. And what does this mean for me? Well, it’s fair to say that I have a preview of how these beautiful ladies play the Tinder game and which guys seem to catch their attention.

After inquiring a lot of my female friends about what it is that makes them consider the 1% of guys on Tinder while rejecting the rest of the 99%, I got to know some really interesting things. In this article, I’ll be explaining the most important of these things to you all.

Why the First Message is Extremely Important

The first text is essential because, without giving off a good first impression, you’ll immediately get ignored. Always keep in mind that attractive females have a stack load of options on Tinder. After getting hundreds of matches on a routine basis, they start seeing the same kind of man messaging them and it’s simply on repeat.

• “Hi babe, what are you doing?”
• “You’re STUNNING! What have you been up to lately?”
• “Good lord, you’re so pretty!”
• “What’s up?”
• “Hey cutie, how’s it going?”
• “Your pictures are nice”
• “Hi, can get your number?”
• “Do you have pet insurance?” (THE most common joke opener ever)
• “How’s your day been so far?”

As a hot girl, what’s the point in replying to all of these guys if each and every one of them sounds the same? It’s simply boring, isn’t it? They want someone different. Someone who’s less cheesy, less needy, and not so damn predictable.

What the Initial Message Needs to Convey

The main aim of your first message is to draw out a response and to simply stand out. You need to separate yourself from all the losers.
So the first message needs to:

Use the girl’s name (to make sure she knows you’re not cutting and pasting the same message to every woman)
Not have too many questions or be too long (she probably doesn’t have enough time to go through your whole message if it’s 3 pages long
Be answerable (something that takes her only seconds to respond to and not require too much thinking)
Reference something from a picture of hers or her status (to show you’re actually making an effort to be different)

The Most Effective Openers to Start a Conversation on Tinder or Bumble

Here are the simplest openers to use to open a dialogue with a hot girl.

• “The Prince Charming is here. Hello madam”
• “Those sexy lips… beautiful eyes… amazing smile. But enough about me. Tell me about yourself.”
• “So what troubles are you causing today?”
• “By what I can see in your photos, you definitely seem like trouble!”
• “Let me guess, you’re into tall, dark, and handsome men?”

The Verdict

To make it short, it’s essential to do whatever you can to be different. Of course, I don’t recommend overdoing it by being weird. So you:

× Don’t want to be the clown who she uses for entertainment
× Don’t want be the nerd as it isn’t attractive at all
× Don’t want to be a dick, as it only works in person, never works on text

Once you find a way in, all you need to do is build some rapport so you can get to meet her. And that’s all it takes!

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