Top 7 Rules For Texting Women (How To Text A Girl You Like)

Dating in the 21st century is something else; it’s a whole new world on its own. If you made a decision to start dating again after a long break or you have been dumped countless times because of a misdirected text, then it’s time to update you dating etiquette so you can keep up with dating in the 21st century and also attract the girl you like.

This article contains some new dating rules that will address how you should text a girl in the dating world. And if you do this correctly, you will be able to ace your game. One mistake or wrong move can cripple all your efforts, and your contact will be dropped faster than the speed of sound. My advice for guys is to prepare ahead of your competition; you can do this by being the perfect gentleman at all times and applying only the rules you need when texting a woman. Check out this seven rules on how to text a girl you like.

1. Be brief

Using abbreviations while texting is pretty okay, and for the girl you are texting, it is better than not hearing from you says digital dating gurus Debra Golstein and Oliva Baniuszewicz, authors of ‘She Know’ this is a causal platform. However, that does not mean you should spell like you are in the seventh-grade when texting her. Even though you are communicating via text, she still wants a clever guy. Avoid using one-word responses while texting, and perfect the art of being brief while upholding respect.

See two good and two poor examples below:

Example 1

Mistake: Hi Angela, this is Mark, we met last night at club 360. You were so beautiful, and I really liked talking to you. You were filled with so much energy at the club, I like ladies with lots of energy. So, did you enjoy your stay? Somehow, I lost you and could not find you. Anyways, I believe you had a nice time, maybe we should hand out tomorrow, what do you think? – Mark

The right way: Hello Angela, how is the crazy emergency nurse doing? – Mark

Example 2

Mistake: Waz up Jennifer! Its Clause from the bar last night. What r u doin? I wanna c u again what do u say?

The right way: Hey what’s up Jennifer! Last night was fun, hope you made it through the exam this morning?

2. Avoid using mass text

Some people reading this article may feel mentioning this is not relevant. Most women have experienced this, maybe once, or twice or more, and it happens because the guy sending mass text feels he is good at covering his tracks. But he is not. They are aware, so avoid sending ten ladies the same text at the same time. You are putting yourself at risk here because you are not specific with your request. Also, some of the girls might be friends with each other, and eventually, you will become a laughing stock.

A girl who is not into you yet can easily say no to you if you are not specific when asking her out.

3. Respect is reciprocal; if you want to be respected, be respectful

Don’t forget that all the things you say can and will be used against you in the best friend’s court of law. Do not say things that will make you appear less than sensitive if you don’t want to be seen as a jerk.

For instance, you should refrain from sending a message like this to  a girl you haven’t had sex: “Hello sexy? What do say we meet and see a movie tonight?”

When you confuse or disrespect her with such text, she will take your case to her best friend’s court of law, and you will be written off before you have even have a shot at explaning. Be a perfect gentleman, show her respect if you want her to respect you, and you will win the hearts of her panel of judges.

Example of what to text:

“How about you and I go to a great comedy club this weekend? Drinks afterward. I can pick you up at 7 pm.”

4. Last-minute invites are okay

In the digital world, “You just can’t think badly of a man that reaches out through texting” says authors Baniuszewicz and Golstein. Sometimes, women make it difficult when you are asking them out, so texting is a great tool, especially for introverts or shy guys.

Have at the back of your mind that when you send a last-minute invitation to a lady after midnight, she feels you desire just one thing; this is a rule of thumb for most ladies. So be specific, if you don’t, she will assume otherwise.

A last-minute invite like this is okay: “Hello, my friends and I are heading to a bar close by for drinks in 30 minutes. I assume you are not sleeping, care to join us?” or “I am craving for some homemade cookies at the moment. I got all the ingredients to prepare them, but I need a helper. Care to come over and assist me in?”

Make use of the last example only when you are sure the girl you are inviting wouldn’t mind being with you in private.

5. Be confident

According to Michael Masters, you should be bold in your approach if your communication route is what some people consider as the less courageous means of talking to a girl you like.  She will love it when you show confidence.

Have a plan. When you are texting all the time – “What’s up?” or “hello, how are you?” or “whatcha up to? – you are not communicating you are interested or into her. When you send a message like:

“Hello, does this pretty lady want to meet me today by 4 pm at the bowling alley for some drinks and fun?” Then her reply will be exactly the way you want it. The last thing you want after sending a text is her looking at her phone and wondering, “why is this guy texting? What is he trying to say?”

6. Do not drink and dial

The same reasons why you should not drink and dial applies here also. No matter what, don’t drink and text. Texting under the influence of alcohol is a bad idea.

7. Do not crack text

The term crack texting is coined from the process of perfecting texting etiquette in the dating world. According to Michael Master, the general principle for the quantity of texting time is one text received equals one text responded to. You crack text when you send multiple texts to the same person rambling over and over by text, without receiving an equal response.

Find below an example of crack texting, make sure you avoid it:

Guy: “Hello Hellen, I hope we won’t miss tomorrow’s concert?”

Girl: “Definitely not, I will be there!”

Guy: “Cool, I am a huge fan!”

Guy: “I got all their music album.”

Guy: “Most people feel they are no longer popular as before, but I still love them.”

Guy: “I got to meet them in person the last time I went to see them, we chilled out a little bit.”

Girl: “Wow, that’s nice. I have not met them in person.”

Guy: “I am pretty sure you will love them.”

Guy: “I got some of their autographs on all type of stuff, I don’t think I will ever love another band the way I love them.”

Girl: “Oh, okay.”

The chat above is an example of crack texting; there is no balance in communication because the guy does more of the texting than the girl. When you are texting a girl you like, try getting an equal response.


It’s essential you apply common sense when you are texting women. You can always text back when in doubt because that’s exactly she wants you to do. If you don’t know what to tell her but want to know about her well-being, sending a simple text to know about how she is faring and saying hello is enough to get her back on the same lane with you.

You should treat how you text a girl in the same manner you want the person at the receiving end to treat you, and you will remain ahead of the competition in the dating and texting world.