Men’s Style: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you like it or not, styling influences your lifestyle on a daily basis. Your style can affect the way people approach you or people’s expectation when they meet you. Having the right type of style can also be great for your career or future prospects. Well, don’t think styling and fashion is more of a lady’s thing, in the fashion industry, men’s fashion and trends is always next to women’s, and all the loved personalities known over the years for their unique and iconic styles became an inspiration for others.

The right style for any man can be a fundamental understanding of how each part of clothing can affect overall appearance, the importance of each detail, the possible outcome, and how it can transform your looks tremendously within seconds; thus, the power of the different kind of styling available should not be underestimated. If you want to know a thing or two about men’s style, then continue reading as we introduce you to the do’s and don’ts of men styling elements than can help increase your fashion sense.

The Do’s in Men’s Style

Two-Button Suit

You need at least one perfect suit in your collection as a well-dress man. There are different suit designs with more or less buttons, but I will recommend the two-button suit; it’s practical, classic, and always in style. The two-button suit is always trending, so you don’t need to be worried about it being outdated in the fashion world anytime soon.

Bow ties

Your wardrobe collection is missing if you don’t have a bow tie; they are the official nicest part of your wardrobe. Wearing a bow tie attracts people to you, when they see you in it, they want to have a conversation with you. If you have little or no interest for bow ties, I highly recommend you giving it a try, you will want to stuck your wardrobe with more once you feel the effect the first time you wear one.

Deciding on the right tie may be challenging, but you can try this simple solution, make sure your tie and lapel matches. Do not go for a thicker tie if you have a big lapel, and go for a thinner tie if your lapel is skinny. Ensure there is a balance between your tie and lapel.

Khaki Pants

It is important you know that not every khaki pants are equal; they usually come in different fits and different cuts. Ensure you go for the khaki pant that fits well before paying for itl

Tie Knots

Sometimes, tie knots can be troubling, but there is an easy way out. Always match your tie knot to the size of your collar; a small tie knot for small pointed collar and big tie knot for big collar.

Size down

You will find this tip useful is you have plans to suit shop. When you are looking for a suit, ask the sales person if they can assist you measure out. For instance, as you are a size 45, ask for size 43, in most scenarios, you will get a perfect fitting jacket that will go well with the shape of your body. You can always ask for the size back if you feel the suit is too tight or you are not comfortable in it.

Argyle socks

Zany socks are playful and cool, but they don’t match with the looks of a power player, they make you look like you are putting too much effort. Argyle socks are the best if you want to look professional.

Match your belt and shoes

To maintain a perfect style all through your entire life, make sure you follow this rule at all times. Your belt and shoes should always match; the color and texture of your belt and shoe should go with each other. Doing this will add an attractive finished touches to your overall appearance.

Invest in shoes

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes; your shoes describe your personality. No matter your appearance, without the right set of shoes, you will look incomplete. So it’s important you invest in your shoes if you want to maintain an attractive style. You should have a minimum of 2 shoes, a casual shoe and a formal shoe; I will recommend fancy oxfords.

When to unbutton your jacket

Learn to unbutton your jacket before you take a sit, not only is it a basic ethic, but you will be free and comfortable while you sit and people around you will know you have a good sense of fashion.

Fitted does not mean tight

Wearing fitted clothes does not mean you clothes should be too tight, it means getting your clothes perfectly tailored to suit fit your body size or figure. Ensure you make this a habit; it makes your overall appearance stunning.

Brown shoes

Having black shoes is nice, but brown shoes are classic, they always look much better with navy blue attire. Ensure you add this unique shoe color to your shoe collection.

Hair products

There are numerous hair products with different available in the market. It is important you understand the nature of your hair so you can purchase products that will work for you. Using hair products will give your hair a nice texture and attractive style.

White dress shirt

This is another good investment that will transform your appearance. Have at least one perfectly tailored white dress shirt, it gives you a casual or formal look depending on your style.


Adding accessories to your dressing is a good idea, but make sure it’s moderate, don’t overdo it. Ensure you go for quality, not quantity. If you are confused about the type of accessories to add to your collection, you can get a nice and working wrist watch, leather back pack, and a nice pair of headphones.

Some men are also interested in fancy styling elements same way women do. There is nothing bad about it. But it should be in moderation. Do not wear more than one ring on a single hand. Remember, because something is flashy does not really mean it is classic, so be brief and concise concerning the accessories you put on.

Don’ts to avoid

Wearing a tie and pocket square

Make sure you don’t wear a pocket square and a tie in the same outfit. Both of them come together as a set sometimes, but it does not mean you should wear them together. You want to avoid an outfit that’s too matchy-matchy.

Dry cleaning your suit

You should take your suit for dry cleaning once in a while. You can take it for dry cleaning if it is stinks a lot or something spilled on it.

Dry cleaning

Another don’ts to avoid is to dry clean your suit jacket and pants separately; doing so will tamper with the colors, their colors will not be the same. It’s natural for fabric to shed color, tear and fade when dry cleaning them.

Jacket pockets

Make sure you preserve your jacket pocket; thus, do not stuff the pocket with your keys and phone. Stuffing your jacket pockets with items will make it bulky and make the suit cut cline unattractive.

Dress shirts

To keep in touch with style, make sure your dress shirts are tucked, not the other way round. Do not wear them untucked, there are not designed for that.


Wearing sunglasses can add to your style, but it is important you know when to wear them. Regardless of the type of building you enter, make sure you take your shades off as soon as you enter the building.

Avoid being a billboard

If you don’t want people to see you as a piece of advert, do away with cloths that have big bold logo on them.

Shirt collar over the suit jacket

Don’t not do this, no matter what; it makes no sense at all. The collar of your shirt needs to be tucked in under your jacket, not over it. If you want to look stylish and classy, and not like a gangster in the 80s, do the right thing by tucking in your shirt collars under your suit. Even if it is a style, it’s outdated already.

Baggy pants

Do not wear baggy pants in public, they make you appear short. You can wear them at home.

Embellished jeans

Avoid wearing jeans having bling in the pocket areas or any other part, there are not tacky, it adds nothing to your style.

Do not be a brand snob

The fact you are spending lots of cash on a branded item does not mean you will look good in it. Just because something is costly does not make it stylish. Most features offered by specific brands has nothing to do with complementing your physique.

Having a style does not mean you should spend all the money you have, it more of being creative and making good decisions. Your style has to do with you knowing your personality or understanding your personal preferences and turning that to your advantage. You should be comfortable with the fact that most of the things available might work for you or not, so don’t relent in trying different things out until you discover what’s best for you.