Is Your Ex Worth Fighting For?

Sometimes, not getting what you want is a good thing. This truism may apply to your breakup and if you should fight to win back your ex’s love or just let them fade into the sunset while you find someone else.

Of course, the reason you broke up is the most crucial determining factor.

There are many magazines that talk about methods of dealing with breakups and how to find a new partner, etc. It’s always about moving on with life or salvaging an almost broken relationship. It’s usually never about breathing new life into a relationship that is dead.

When someone dumps you, they’re in essence killing the relationship. That’s it. They want out. It’s over. That’s the hard truth and romanticising the breakup isn’t going to change the facts.

First, you need to ask yourself who did the breaking up.

99% of the time, if you’re reading this, the other party did the breaking up leaving you lost, hurt, angry and discombobulated. Not a pleasant state to be in.

Now you need to ask yourself why? Why did they breakup with you?

Did you cheat on them? If you’re a guy and you cheated, you deserve it. If you’re a lady, guess what? You deserve it too. But… but… all is not lost. So, you messed up and wished you had never given in to temptation, but the milk has been spilled. No point crying over it.

You need to make amends. In most cases, women tend to be more forgiving. With the right actions, you can win back your ex. If you cheated because of your weakness and it has nothing to do with your ex’s shortcomings, then yes, fight for your ex’s love.

Get a book on regaining your ex’s trust and love and follow the advice in the book to the letter. Make an effort.

If you got dumped because your ex found somebody who is richer, better looking, more famous, etc. you need to ask yourself if you really want a shallow person as your partner.

Money can be earned if you apply yourself, looks fade, lust diminishes with time and all initial excitement will eventually die. What really matters is if your partner sticks by your side. If your partner can’t be with you when you’re at your worst, then they do not deserve you when you’re at your best.

That being said, be frank with yourself. Are you a slob? Lazy? Can’t be bothered to work? Spend more time on the TV than with your partner? Too lazy to be good in bed? Unappreciative?

If the fault lies with you, guess what? You deserve getting dumped. Let’s face the facts. If it’s you, then your ex is worth fighting for.
So what you need to do is get your act together and show your ex that you have changed. You have changed for them. Show them that they matter to you. They will come back.

Deep down, in your heart, you know why the breakup happened. You also know if they’re worth fighting for. You know. Just follow your heart, make the changes, get a book to guide you and do what you need to.

Do what you can. Do the best you can.