How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

Chatting online with a friend, loved one, family or someone you just met is no longer news, all thanks to technology. Most people have an online profile, so I totally understand if you want to learn how to start a conversation online. Today, we have lots of online dating websites and strange but highly effective dating applications. A lot of people felt strange about online dating years ago, but today, meeting someone online is as normal as anything else.

The way it is now, if you tell someone you met your girlfriend without using modern technology, they will be surprised. You will find thousands of single ladies on several dating sites hoping to find their prince charming. But the issue at hand is the competition, most of these ladies who are searching for the perfect partner attracts a greater number of men hoping to be that right partner. The competition is non-stop, it is important that you up your game and make yourself stand out because more and more men are looking for a woman to go on a date with.

Using the same lines everyone approaching a lady makes use of and hoping that she replies your message will not work out. I did a little experiment to find out the number of messages an attractive girl receives on an online dating profile. So I created a fake profile with a sexy photo of a half-naked girl, and within the first few minutes after creating the fake account, I got over a dozen messages.

The girl you want to message may have over ten messages in her inbox that she has not even read. You will find out what I learned from this little experiment of mine. It obvious you are not the only one in pursuit to gain her attention, but following the tips below can improve your chances of gaining her attention.

1. The perfect opener

What are the steps to take for one to start an online conversation? Well, it begins with creating a profile on the site or application, adding an attractive and professional picture, and writing down some interesting features about yourself. I am pretty sure you have done this already, if not, create one.
The next thing is to search for a girl you are interested in or attracted to and message her. It is important you use the right words or say the right thing, but before she reads your message, the first thing she gets to see when you send her a message on an online dating website is the subject line. You will be making a big mistake if you ignore this small detail.

Be different from other men on the platform who sends boring messages in the subject line like “how are you,” “hey” or “hello beautiful.” Be playful, funny, spike her interest in reading your message. The following subject lines below may sound weird or funny, but they really worked when I used them:

I am not a prince, but I am charming
Ten reasons why you should open this message
You are beautiful, how come you are shy?

2. Forget about the usual or standard message

What do you think most guys write in their first message they send to a lady online? Most of them make use of the same message for all the girls they come across. The message most guys send looks like this:

“Hello, how are you? You are so pretty, and I wanted to say hi.”

Writing down what she is already conversant with and hoping for a reply is not the best way to start a conversation with a girl online. You will be doing yourself a big favor if you skip all these standard messages. At least learn to personalize your message a little so she will know you are not playing the number game or sending the same message to every girl you meet online. Write something that differs from the regular messages most guys send to her, so it won’t look like you are expecting a tomato you threw on the wall to stick.

3. Give her an individual complement

Now that you are totally aware that you should not send the same message to all the girls you meet online, then what kind of message can you write that will make her heart skip a bit? It is nice if you give an honest compliment; however, you need to be more creative online if you actually want it to work.

If you approach a girl in real life and compliment her beauty, she will be amazed and flattered because most guys find it difficult or lack the confidence to approach her. The scenario is different online; anyone can approach a lady because men are more confident when writing to women than approaching them in real life. Thus, an average girl on a dating platform receives numerous compliments from different guys.
“You are beautiful” and “you are cute” are the two most common compliments women receive. A woman who is really interested in finding a partner online must have heard that countless times. If you want her to reply your message and gain her attention, you have to try something different and new.

Check her profile picture, then customize a compliment specifically for her and not any other girl. You can use the features on her pics in creating a unique compliment, like her hairstyle, eye color, smile, what she is wearing and so on. Sending a message specifically constructed for her will make her feel special and want to reply your message.

4. Use the information she offers you

It’s nice if you let a girl know you are attracted to her looks, but you can make her feel special and appreciated by telling her that you are also attracted to her hobbies and personality.

Do not be in a heist when viewing her profile, take your time. You will be surprised about how women reveal themselves in an online dating profile if you have never tried this tip. Use the information she offers you to your advantage.

If she mentioned she has traveled to 5 or 6 countries within a year, it would be nice to let her know that you love her taste for adventure, how she is brave and enjoys traveling around the globe.

5. Give her a Reason to Reply

She now knows the reason you messaged her. You stated clearly in your message that her beauty or smile was not the only thing that got you attracted to her, you were also drawn to her because of her personality. You love the fact that she loves traveling, but how can she prove that all your messages are just words without meaning?

She can easily get the feeling you are saying nice things because you want to impress her if you don’t link or connect the features you like about her to yourself. Let her know the reason you like these features about her, also share your own interest and experiences. Give her an answer to why she should reply your message.

Once you tell a girl that loves travelling about your travel plans to different parts of the work, she will know there’s plenty of things to discuss when the both of you meet in real life and that dating you eventually will be filled with fun and adventurous moments.