How to Make a Woman Orgasm Within Five Minutes?

According to Dr. Phil, women takes about 14 minutes to have an orgasm. He’s probably right or wrong, but I have come across different sources reporting that women take about 15 to 20 minutes to have an orgasm.  Regardless of the time required for a woman to have orgasm, one thing is certain, men have orgasm way faster than women, except the man has delayed ejaculation.

Thus, making a woman have orgasm will take between 15 to 20 minutes if she is not properly warmed up and penetrated. Another thing is that most men are unware of their activities or performance in the bedroom, so it’s either she is acting to please her man or she naturally has quick orgasm.

Well, truth is balancing the scale is not really a difficult task, you can make a woman orgasm before you or even simultaneously.

My experience with women orgasm

My experience with female orgasm is not a nice one, to cut it short, it was terrible. The woman I loved so much left me because I could not satisfy her sexual desires. And many women I have had sex with felt disappointed after we made out, none of them came back for more. To me, making a woman have orgasm was a mystery, I could not discover the trick that will make women get off.

I felt I had a small penis, or I was not designed to last long in bed. I though satisfying women was an impossible task, a trait I did not possess. But I got it wrong. After the woman I loved left me, I decided my primary mission in life is to be able to satisfy a woman in bed, no matter what it takes.

I spent most of my free periods researching on female orgasm, books on the G-spot, oral sex tactics, sex forums, guides on how to penetrate a woman, and so on. I studied a lot, and suspended dating or having sex for a long time until I felt prepared.

Finally, I had an opportunity to get laid that I could not let slip my hands and I felt I was ready to get laid. So we had sex, and I made her have orgasm twice within TEN MINUTES.  I felt I have achieved my goals. I needed to be sure it was not luck or a fluke. So I had sex with the same lady several times, I thought I won’t be able to deliver the same results if I had sex with other women; surprisingly, I did.

I mastered the act, I have made about 20-30 women have multiple orgasms within the last ten years or so under few minutes. Note, I am not a male prostitute or gigolo; I am only a man who love sex with lots of resources in the women department.

Do you want to know how to make a woman cum quick or have quick orgasm? Here is how to go about it.

Get her mind into it

When it comes to women orgasm, their minds have a strong role to play. A TLC episode of Strange Sex showed a lady who got herself into orgasm by thinking alone, there was no form of physical touch.

When scientist observed her brain activity using an MRI, they discovered that her brain activity was similar to the brain activity women experience during orgasm. Just by thinking, she had an orgasm.

Although it took about 30 minutes, and most females will never reach this level of “self-mental stimulation” required to have an orgasm, it really shows how strongly her orgasm was influenced by her thoughts.

Therefore, it is important you send her messages specifically telling her about what you will love to do to her, do this all through the day, make her anticipate. Be nasty, talk dirty with her during foreplay and sex. When you get her mind into it, she becomes loose, horny, and have quick orgasm.

Make sure you stimulate her clitoris before penetration

You will find this tip very useful if you have difficulties lasting long in bed. The best tool you can use in stimulating a lady’s clitoris is your tongue. Women love it because it is soft and gives them a warm physical sensation.

When you combine this with some dirty talks, having sex with your woman will make her cum quick, so once you are inside of her, only a few strokes will make her cum. Some women only have orgasm when you stimulate their clitoris, they may enjoy penetration, but they do end up not having a climax. There is nothing wrong stimulating your woman’s clitoris before penetration. If your lady loves clitoris orgasm, take it slow and make her have an orgasm by stimulating her G-spot with your tongue and fingers.

You can ask her to tell you how she wants it. But from my experience, slow moves with your tongue and fingers will do the trick. Even if you lick her clits or touch it, persistence still remains the key. Ensure you stimulate her continuously, be patient. Allow her feel you are not going to stop till she screams out with pleasure. Let her realize that you take pleasure doing it and you don’t plan on stopping half way. Allow her melt with every touch of your tongue and fingers as she sinks slowly into the pleasure hole.

Bonus tip: use your two fingers (index and middle finger) in fingering her upper wall – your finger gesture should appear like you are calling someone to come over – then give her oral at the same time; doing this will put a warm, sweet pressure on her clits.

Choose a sex position that will benefit the clitoris

Just so you know, the clit is very important in female orgasm. You won’t make her climax if you don’t apply pressure on her clitoris.

The doggy style will be a fun position if the woman’s clits is closer to her vaginal opening. She will enjoy the penetration, but it won’t stimulate her enough to orgasm, even if it happens, it will take a lot of time.

The missionary style is one of the best positions to get a lady off while applying pressure on her clits with the lower pelvis just above your penis base. Make sure you rub hard when penetrating her vagina. This is more of a fast up and down stroke rubbing against her clitoris, instead of banging in and out.

If she knows how to get herself excited during sex when she is on top of you, observe and learn from her, then try applying similar motion when you are on top. Or, you can allow have orgasm by herself when she is on you. She can get into orgasm within minutes if she is very horny when following her instincts, and you can cum after her or simultaneously following the position you choose.

How to hit the fast-forward x2 towards her orgasm

Make sure you direct your focus to every part of her body that stimulates her. See this as using cheat codes to skip levels when playing games.

If she is on top, or you are already hitting her hard the right way, then you can try a few things like pulling, sucking, spanking her sexy parts (you can ask her what she loves), alongside some dirty talks; doing this will make her more horny and stimulate her to have quick orgasm.

Sometimes I want to laugh when I apply the above strategy on my woman, and she starts telling me to continue or not to stop, when I have not even started. What I do is play nice, and say I won’t stop.

Making your woman satisfied in bed is important in building a healthy relationship; if it’s for some random girl or friend with benefits, she will want to come over again.

Most women find it difficult to end a relationship with a guy that is good in bed even if he is broke, abusive, or shitty than stay with a man that sucks in bed, even if he is perfect.

Good sex is important because it keeps a relationship together, and the main part of good sex is when both parties are happy.

It is essential you learn these skills if you want to build a relationship that will last long or make a return customer out of a friend with benefits. Practice what you have learned until you become perfect, and you will develop the basic skill required to keep any woman… a skill most men lack.