How To Get A Girlfriend? (1 Simple Trick)

Have you been single for a long time? Are you hoping to find someone you can be in a relationship with? At times you can be comfortable being alone, but sometimes, we all need that special someone we can confide in, share our emotions, and have fun with. Worry not if you are having troubles in finding the right girl, I have been there before. This article will provide you with useful tips if you need a girlfriend; however, let’s consider a few things before proceeding.

During my first public-speaking event, I sat in the center of a circle surrounded with so many guys, about thirty or so, and I was receiving questions. So, one of the guys raised his hands and said in defeat, “My girlfriend ended the relationship. She said she was not attracted to me anymore.” After asking him some questions, I understood what happened. A guy and girl meet. The guy is interested and likes the girl, the girl, however, does not really care but agrees to date him in the end. The guy has no potentials, no vision, no standards, lacks self-confidence and self-respect. Three months later, girl gets tired and can’t keep up with the relationship; then she breaks up. Same old story – I have experienced it too.

Funny enough, there was nothing special about this girl, and from the look of things, the girl was boring. She did not treat him nice, she also had no goals, vision or dreams, and both of them never did anything interesting when they were together.

So I asked him why he is still interested in the relationship and wants her back. And to my surprise, he said, “I just want a girlfriend.” Well, I can’t really blame this guy to be sincere. The truth is he had a space in his heart, and he felt having a girlfriend could feel that space – but he was not informed that it is impossible to fill that space with a woman. He did not know that filling that space in his heart is what will make women attracted, fascinated, obsessed and completely enamored with him.

Most importantly, he was not informed that filling that space in his heart will be the greatest, most amazing, most astounding and fulfilling adventure he can ever embark on as a man. I know this because I have traveled this route for six years, and I have experience interesting, beautiful and wonderful moments that made me appreciate life.

However, you cannot experience any of that if your primary aim in life is to be in a relationship or get a girlfriend. None of that is possible, its like a child who is lost, you have no values or standard and only run to the first person you come across in order to get their attention and cling to that person because you are desperate. So, how can you actually get a girlfriend?

You have to invest in yourself. You heard me right. See this as the first step to take before getting the girl. It’s like moving from point A (working on yourself) to point B (getting the girl). But nobody has the guts to let you know about the countless adventures, failures, disappointments, rejections, happy days, joy and despair that lies between point A and B.

Do you want to skip this journey? Like my poor friend I previously mentioned, you want the comfort, joy, and peace without risking discomfort. Truth be told, investing in yourself is vital and mandatory, and fun as well. Investing in yourself means:

  • You have to live your life according to your plans and designs
  • It means waking up happy and excited
  • It means using every single day to build your goals and dreams
  • It means traveling out to new places and meeting new people

Improving yourself has to do with helping people, staying healthy, working out, striving towards success and perfection, meeting new people, exploring new things, going out, and then creating room for that special girl you want to be a part of your life.

My current girlfriend and I met in Warsaw’s old town at a bus stop. She was reading a book or so when I saw her, and I told her how difficult it was for me to take my eyes off her. Before moving back to Canada, we went on a few dates. I called her when I traveled back to Warsaw – I have not been on a date with any girl ever since. We thought we were not going to see each other. It was easy on my end.

According to her, I am unique, always trying to improve myself, always working on my goals, always exploring new things and challenging her to improve on herself too – it was easy for her to date me.

But despite all of that, she did not see the shy, broken guy she met six years ago who appeared lost and confused. She did not see the times I went to nightclubs with models and millionaires. She did not see the times I tried speaking with beautiful ladies, even though my lips and legs were quivering. She did not see the argument with my parent when I informed that I was quitting my work in advertising and chasing my dream to heal the world and help men improve their lifestyle. She did not see the depression in my crappy house in southern Spain, where I broke down in tears thinking if my dreams would ever come to pass or if I had the required skills to move on.

So, Would I change any of this? Definitely not; I will not change a single thing because it’s this life experiences that make it meaningful. When your life is an adventure, you cannot forget about it, and getting a girlfriend becomes easy. You will not be bothered about a woman leaving you once you get there, because you are unique, she will never find another person like you when she leaves.