How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Not every man is a professional when it comes to flirting, and only a few are experts when it comes to flirting with a lady over text. So which group do you belong to; The group that has mastered the art of flirting in real life and over text or the group that finds flirting challenging? Do not trouble yourself if you find it difficult to flirt with a girl over text, after reading this article, you will know how to go about it while texting. Just so you know, flirting with a girl over text is not as hard or easy as flirting with her in real life. Both of them are different. Having that in mind, you can get the best from flirting with a girl over text with the tips below.

1. Keep it simple and fun

If you want to talk about your dreams, hopes and ideas with a woman, there is always a place to do that. But texting if not a suitable place to discuss that. From my observations, many of us are always occupied with our day to day activities, and we usually don’t have the time or find it difficult to read or reply text messages.

Also, most pretty girls receive numerous text messages from different guys who are trying to gain her attention all through the day. These texts usually ranging from interesting to boring messages. So it is important you stand out from the ground and be the man who is simple, interesting and fun to text with; do that, and she will be drawn towards you naturally.

2. Add value

Most guys do not get this the right way when flirting over text – they fail to remember that in reality, all the things they talk about has to add value to the discussion. This is why messages like “what are you up to” or “Hey what’s up” adds nothing to you attracting a woman. What there do is make your conversation lose value or vibes.

Henceforth, ask yourself what value your message adds anytime you text a girl. I hope we are on the same page here; I am not saying your text should be her life epiphany. If your text will make her happy or appreciated, then you are good to go.

For instance, you can send “I am pretty sure you are thinking about me, let’s text to discuss that” than sending “Hey what’s up.”

3. Do not over-text

So you saw a girl at a café, you made a move on her, and you got her contact. At the moment, she is all you think of, that’s completely natural. However, letting her see you are too interested is not the right thing to do. Have at the back of your mind that being scarce a bit and non-needy is attractive, and you can reveal this via text.

Make sure you get a reply after the first text before sending another. If she does not reply, be patient till the next day before sending another message. Most guys have ruined their chances of making a girl fall for them because they appear too needy by over texting.

4. Tease her

I came across something while reading that when you are flirting with a girl, fun activities in kindergarten can also be fun again. This also applies to flirting over text. Just so you know, rapport and tension are the two key ingredients to a successful seduction. You can build comfort and a deeper connection with rapport, but it is not going to land you any date.

You need tension to spark attraction, and a little of playful teasing is one of the best ways to create tension over text. So don’t relent when teasing her, but keep it simple. It is also fair if she gets to tease you back. For instance, if a lady says something in particular like bratty, you could say, “I have no idea about your last boyfriend, but I am sure he is bad at spanking.”

5. Use flirting questions to ask a girl

Asking a woman flirty questions is another nice way to create attraction and tension. However, you need to ask these questions at the appropriate time during a conversation. For instance, I say something like “Damn, you look sexy when you laugh like that” whenever I make a girl laugh out loud. And then before she responds I will add, “it’s totally a random question, but rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, are you are a good kisser?”
If you can make a woman blush, smile or laugh with these flirty questions while being calm and confident, then you are on the right track.

6. Create sexual tension

Another aspect where most men get things wrong is that they feel they have to wait much longer before building sexual tension with a lady. This is why most men – about 43% – end up being just a friend (friend-zone).

So when is the right time to build sexual tension in a conversation with a girl over text? Immediately! The best way to go about it is to do it in a fun and playful way. You can do this by including elements of sexual tension when texting by deliberately misinterpreting what she is saying. For instance, If you planned a meeting with a girl and she sends a message saying “I am coming,” you can reply with, “I am breathing heavily also.”

7. Keep things moving forward

One thing I have known for sure from my meetings with women is that they get bored easily. You see, most guys fail to understand that during a textual courtship, they need to continue escalating things till they eventually meet the lady in reality. So when everything is going well, and they are making the lady laugh, they continue doing what they are doing. Sometimes, it appears like they are scared of ruining their relationship with the girl.

But as time goes on, the girl will eventually get bored. So have at the back of your mind to keep things heading forward. From texting to a conversation on the phone, to dating, to sex, and so on. I hope you get what I am talking about.

8. Flirting online with girls is also an art itself

I will be brief here even though I could write a whole article on the art of flirting online. Creating a good profile is relevant when it comes to flirting with girls online. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, or any dating platform, you have to create a profile that sparks curiosity and corresponds with who you are in reality.

Any girl who takes her time in texting you after viewing your profile online is really interested in you or probably curious. So flirt with her the same way you would when flirting over text. Just remember that it is not difficult for women to get bored, so make sure you set things in motion and keep moving forward.

So if you guys have been communicating for some days now, let her know you would like to have her number and text or call her. Make sure you follow up and create attention and tension over the phone. Then set up a meeting in real life as soon as possible.