Does Tinder Work?

Tinder is like a revolution to our dating life. The timing is perfect, our society is more and more focused on everyone’s own interest, development, being independent and enjoying life to it’s fullest, cause you only live once. This also includes having many different (sex)partners, to gain experience and find out what is fitting to you.

Super Easy + Super Fast = Superficial

People are lazy, but at the same time demanding. That’s why products like “loose 50 pounds in 10 days” or “get rich in 2 weeks” are so popular. We want fast results without any effort, and that’s exactly what Tinder will give you. In this review I will give you a closer look on what these results really are and why most guys waste their time using tinder the wrong way, which prevent themselves from actually meeting girls. Tinder does work, but you have to know how to play the game the right way.

The Danger of Tinder

First of all it’s very addictive, it has a game character and works like a slot machine. Every swipe is a new chance to win (getting a match) and every now and then it works. The only thing that you invest is time. One of our primal needs is to be validated, that’s why we love to flirt. Now we got the sweet feeling of validation whenever we got a match, without even noticing the ones who have rejected us. Negative emotions get removed. Another aspect for us men is that, according to Harvard University researchers, a pretty woman’s face activates the reward centers in our brains just like chocolate, cash or cocaine.

The second danger is that we are unconsciously thinking that a match means that we have nearly accomplished our goal (to get laid or to find a girlfriend). The truth is that most of the time you are still far away from this goal, because let’s be honest, how many of your matches have you already dated?

The validation gives you instant gratification and you don’t even notice that while feeling busy by swiping and writing with different girls, you don’t really move forward towards accomplishing your goal.

How Easy are Girls on Tinder?

For about 5% of guys, Tinder is the best invention ever. It’s incredible how easy it is for them to date or hook up with beautiful and intelligent girls every day without any effort. Unfortunately, the other 95% get nearly nothing, very unfair right? However, that’s the honest truth, you can either cry about it or you can find out what the 5% are doing different and copy that. I spent the last months understanding the differences. At first I thought it’s just about being handsome, but there are way more things that come into place, which I’m going to explain later.

Why is Tinder so unfair?

Let’s try to get into the point of view of a pretty girl. When she’s a 7/10 or above, she can have nearly every guy. The problem is that in real life, she will get a lot of guys looking at her, but only a few will have the balls to approach. She won’t do it herself, cause that’s not what girls do. She thinks it would lower her value and even if there is only a 2% chance to get rejected, she couldn’t handle that.

On tinder that’s different, there is no barrier to show interest. Her friends do it too and no matter what, it’s not possible to get rejected. So even for a 7, nearly all of her likes will end up as a match, which means she could have every guy she wants on tinder.

If she likes all guys, that she finds attractive, her matchlist will be over a 100 in a few minutes. In general guys are the ones who text first, so her inbox will be overflooded immediately. Trust me, I have tried it myself with the accounts of some female friends. Of course there are a lot of girls who use this app for validation and entertainment, but right now I’m just focussing on the girls who are looking for a date.

So there is only one way how she can prevent getting bombarded with texts: Being pickier. She likes only the guys who are really, really interesting. And that’s exactly the 5% I mentioned before.

How do I get more success on tinder?

Get into the 5%. Understand what they are doing different on their profile. It does matter how attractive you are, but what’s more important: How attractive you can sell yourself. It’s all about marketing, it’s the same with real products: The packaging and marketing are the primary factor on how people determine it’s value. Do you really think victoria’s secret underwear is 10 times better than others? You have to sell yourself as a premium product, it’s called self-marketing. I analyzed every single thing that these 5% who get the best girls are doing differently.
You need to have conversation skills. If you are boring, the next guy is just a second away. Your opening lines have to catch her attention. Your conversation has to be unique and interesting to keep her attention. Make her laugh, create positive emotions and get her to feel a connection. She should get the feeling that she wants more of you and can’t wait to see you.

Know how to tinder the right way. You don’t want to spend hours in front of your phone texting different girls. Focus on the ones who seem to be down to date. Keep the conversations short but intense. Don’t collect girls, you should never text more than 3-5 girls, it’s unproductive. Find a system that works and then repeat it, either it works or you next her. This attitude will subconsciously create a lot of attraction in her, it’s different than other guys and she will fear to loose the chance of meeting a great guy.

I spend months to find out every little detail, which makes you more attractive on tinder. From 5 matches a week I’m now getting more matches than I can handle, so I just pick the hottest ones. If the tips above are not enough and you prefer a step by step system where I explain everything in depth, then click one of the like buttons below:

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