5 Useful Tips to Create a Good First Date Impression

Meeting someone you barely know on a first date can be a difficult situation, you might not get a second date if things don’t go well.  It’s like going into an unknown land; you have no idea of what you will see. You don’t know the best way to approach this lady, and at the same time, you want to impress her without being shy or showing fear. So if you are planning on seeing a woman for the first time, how do you go about it? This article will show you some useful tips in creating a good first impression with a woman on the first date.

1. Emphasize your best values

An analytical approach will come in handy here. You need to think of the type of man women, in general, are interested in. To be specific, the type of man the lady you plan on seeing might like. If you have no idea, you can ask her family or friends or do a little research on the men she dated. You can use a social media platform like Facebook. Do not pretend to be someone you aren’t, but if you discover she has a thing for strong men, then you need to let her know she is completely safe with you. If she is into intellects, you should think of highbrow books you have read or movies you have seen. The deal here is to emphasize on the traits you feel she will love the most.

There are some traits women appreciate in men, such as honesty, wisdom, being natural, punctual, smart, fidelity and a sense of humor. If you like sports (more like engaging in physical activity), let her know about it. Most women love men who are fit. Don’t be shy about sharing your hobbies. Listening to someone when they talk about something passionately is interesting. Also, Spare the long story, keep it short and simple with a soft, nice voice.

2. Be a good listener

Women love talking. And they dislike when people don’t listen to what they have to say. Make sure you pay attention to what she has to say and ask questions where necessary. Be attentive. If she is telling you about her dog, you can ask her to show you a picture; then you can say something nice about the dog. Make sure you are patient and get involved with her world.

Listening to women has its benefits. It gives you an opportunity to impress her when next you meet and prevents you from saying stupid things. For instance, if you discover she loves Chinese food, try finding out the best restaurant in town where they sell Chinese foods and take her there.

3. Look good

Make sure you look good and attractive. She’s definitely going to take a close look at you when you meet. It’s good you appear nice, I am not saying you should show off or pretend to be someone you are not, but spend quality time in grooming yourself. Go with clothes you will be comfortable in, but they have to elegant and modest based on your lifestyle. Keep your hair, nails, and clothes clean. Make sure your breath is in order, so keep your mouth clean and fresh. You can use perfume too, but don’t overuse it. You can put on a nice scarf or a watch.  The whole idea here is to look good, smart and attractive.

4. Be friendly and natural

Be natural; there is no need to stress yourself out before the date or during the date. Although you are meeting for the first time, she is also human. If she agreed to see you, then she is interested in you. So be confident and comfortable. Don’t forget to keep a good smile. You can smile to tease her into flirting with you. Should in case something bad happens, let’s say she or you spilled a drink on the table, you can smile and say it’s a sign of good luck. Let her see your sense of humor. However, ensure you respect her boundaries in the process, do make jokes about her – like say something funny about her weight or age.

5. Let her see that you are a gentleman

What does it take to be a gentleman? Easy, just be punctual, attentive, polite, and don’t swear. Make sure you assist her in opening doors. When she is about to sit, take her coat. Compliment her; you can say nice things about what she’s wearing or her perfume. Giving her nice compliments will make her feel you have a good sense of taste.

Being a gentleman requires you to be able to talk about anything. However, you need to sound intelligent too. Avoid difficult or controversial topics like religion or politics. Don’t go deep into any topic, especially if you notice she is not interested in it. Find out what she likes (music, sport, and so on), and ask about what she does for a living. Be mindful of your body language. Make sure you avoid anxious or violent moments. Watch what you say so you don’t sound stupid. If you are short of what to say, you can talk about something you read on the news, the food, or about the restaurant’s design. Another thing about being a gentleman is taking care of the bills, make sure you pay for the both of you if you go out on a date, but it should not be ostentatious; you can pay when she is not looking.


Make sure you plan well for your date. Be polite, natural, put on a nice smile, and have a friendly conversation. Be yourself, do not act like somebody you are not. She has to be attracted to the real you, not the person you are trying to emulate. She is interested in you that’s why she agreed to go out on a date with you; so don’t stress out, just be cool and enjoy her company.