4 Ways to Last Longer in Bed Without Any Pills

Most of us have experienced this. You went out, met a girl, you got attracted, took the bold step, went out on a few dates with her after your first meeting, and the next thing you know she’s already in your bed. The both of you starts taking your clothes off, you guys are fully aware of what’s about to get down. Everything happened so fast, and before you know, you are already inside her. She starts moaning as you thrust. You look at her and got more excited after seeing her perfectly shaped boobs shaking as you continue stroking her with your hard dick.

She continues moaning, you start breathing heavier. The sensation sets in, you are about to cum few seconds from now. She loves you cock inside of her and holds you firmly to go inside of her the more. She’s loving and yearning for more, but you already know what is about to happen. You cum, the bed moment did not even last a minute. She gives you that disappointed look and you panic. This is not the first or second time, it happens all the time, yet you lack words to say.

Just so you know, you are not alone. I have been there; the next guy you are looking at might have experienced that, it’s a common experience. Every man who has been with different girls might have lost control when having sex with a girl once or twice or more. It’s degrading and embarrassing. Looking at her eye balls to eye balls becomes a problem because you are scared she’s is disappointed.

Premature ejaculation is not a disease or a medical problem, even though over 90% of men suffer from it. You can last longer in bed; your dick is not less or more sensitive than the guy who can last longer in bed. Everything is in your head.

There are some tricks to go about it, you can incorporate some techniques that will improve your stamina in bed, but let’s go through the basic first.

1. Pre-Game Strategy

Make sure your bladder is empty

Before you have sex, make sure you urinate. Having a full bladder when having sex can fool your brain; thus, making you cum early when you only need to pee. Ensure you go to pee before penetrating her, you can even do it immediately after foreplay.

Foreplay is key

You can even the scores if you are a good foreplayer. Make sure you engage in lots of foreplay if you find it difficult to last long during sex. Foreplay usually brings a lady to orgasm, and you can use this period to calm/settle down. Make sure you explore her body, put your fingers and tongue to use.

Use a condom

You already know why you need a condom, but are you aware it an increase your time in bed if you are suffering from premature ejaculation? You will last longer using a condom than penetrating her without one, using condoms decreases sex sensation.

Besides the basics, the methods below can help you last longer in bed without using pills.

2. Apply Karma Sutra techniques

Delayed orgasm or delayed gratification is one of the core tenants of Karma Sutra. Applying Karma Sutra techniques is one of the best and effective ways to train your body to last longer during sex. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to be spiritual or read a long guide to learn how you can apply Karma Sutra techniques in bed.

An easy Karma Sutra technique requires men to start sex at a slow pace. Your first stroke during penetration should last for three seconds. Ensure you maintain this pattern (3-seconds per stroke) for some minutes. After that, you can increase your stroke speed gradually. Thrust at two seconds per stroke for the next two minutes. Finally, you can increase pace by thrusting at one stroke per second.

If you start feeling like you want to cum at any particular stage in the process, make sure you stop stroking instantly. Keep your cock completely inside her and regain control in the process. You can start this technique afresh at three seconds for every stoke once the sensation reduces and work your way back to one thrust per second.

Repeat the process for as long as it takes. Wrapping tour hands around her neck, pulling her hair, and kissing her while you thrust slowly to find your rhythm can make the sex sensual for women.

3. Concentrate on pleasing her

You can stop penetration and allow your cock lose the sensation if you feel you are about to release. However, don’t stay idle when doing this. As you regain control, you should focus on her pleasure. The best way to go about this is to stimulate her G-spot with some finger and oral action.

Make sure you kiss her passionately as you pull your little guy out, then start fingering her G-spot using your index and middle fingers. Breath hot air slowly on her vagina while fingering her, then suck her clit as you continue to finger her. Continue with the rapid movement using your fingers as you stimulate her with your mouth.

Try this technique when you feel you are about to cum early. If done properly, she might end up squirting.

4. Grab and squeeze

You can reduce sensation in your penis by applying this trick. When you feel you are about to cum, stop stroking, take your penis out, and start squeezing your penis head. Apply pressure using your thumb and index finger, stop when you start feeling a numbing sensation. This should only take about five to seven seconds. Be stable, but avoid hurting yourself in the process.

Most men have discovered that they last longer in bed by applying the Karma Sutra techniques mentioned above before having sex with a girl. Then they pull out when they are about to cum, and apply the grab and squeeze trick before focusing on pleasing her through foreplay during sex.

Get in the zone

Learning this tip is very important, but it is also difficult to implement this tip into your sex life. You have to get into the zone if you really want to make your girl proud when you penetrate her with your cock.

This is more than a trick; this is the norm for men who are gifted in bed. You need to be in the moment in order to get into the zone. Nevertheless, if in the moment and the only thing you could think of is the sensation in your penis, then you won’t last long during sex. You will last much longer if you are focused on being in the moment, making sure your body – not just your penis – experience that sex it truly meant to be. Enjoy her moans, the smell of her hair while kissing her neck. Feel the wetness of her vagina with your penis as well as her legs wrapped around your waist. Enjoy her physique as you try out different sex positions and also her facial expression as you stroke her vagina with your penis.

Sex is not all about what you feel in your penis. Even though we men want to cum –and we always will, you can make sex much more than a feeling if you allow it. When having sex, concentrate on getting lost in the moment. During sex, ensure not only the nerves in your penis are activated, but all your senses.