4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men And How To Never Be “The Guy She Left”

Usually, many people see men as flirts, cheaters or players who find it difficult to commit in a relationship than women. So why do you think women are usually the ones who call off a relationship?

Margaret Brining, a law professor and Douglas Allen, an economist, carried out an intensive study on divorce, and they discovered that married women file for divorce twice as often as married men. Also, from my experience regarding pre-marital relationships, females do most of the breaking up. Women are more concerned or committed to their relationship; thus, women feel they have to do something about their relationship.

Another interesting fact is that women can easily move on after breaking up. A study carried out by Professor Robin Simon for the Journal of Health and Social Behavior revealed that men suffer more from breakups than women, according to the general psychology. While it is more likely for women to discuss their breakups with friends, men often conceal their emotions after a breakup; this can affect their mental health negatively, and sometimes lead to bad habits such as drug abuse, smoking, drinking, and so on.

So why do you think women call off their relationship? And how possible – if not late – is it to prevent her from leaving you? Below are four reasons why women initiate breaking up, and what you can do to prevent that from happening.

1. She feels ignored or unappreciated

One of the many reasons women leave their relationships is because they usually feel unappreciated or neglected. Love, attention, and support are among the basic need of a relationship. When these three basic needs are absent in a relationship, your partner becomes bored and want to quit.

One of the main reasons women cheat on their spouse is because they are neglected. According to research, men are prone to cheat on their spouse for sex while women cheat to gain attention or fill an emotional void. A woman who is unhappy in a relationship is more likely to cheat on her partner. A report by a biological anthropologist revealed that about 34% of married women who had affairs were happy being married while 56% of men were happy when they cheated.

So, what can you do to ensure your woman is happy and faithful?

How To Solve: Appreciate your woman

Do not forget what got you attracted to her in the first place; make sure you remind her about it all the time. Letting your spouse know how much you love and care about her never gets old. Check up on your woman frequently, ask her about her activities, how she is doing, and let her be aware that you can’t stop thinking about her. Doing this goes a long way, especially for women who were neglected. Your woman is really interested in your love, time, affection, so make sure you appreciate her.

If you feel you cannot meet up with her basic needs, or you think what’s she is asking for is too big, or something is holding you back, then I suggest you let her go. She deserves someone who will make her feel appreciated or worthy, a man who is ready and willing to give her what she desires. If you think such a man does not exist, she will probably prove you wrong.

2. Both of you don’t agree with each other

Women are usually the driving force in a relationship since they are more concerned about it. Most times, women dictate or suggest changes they feel can improve communication and the relationship at large. Thus, men often believe that women set unrealistic or unachievable expectations; they feel women are unappreciative and spoiled. When this happens, the man may feel he is taken for granted and displeased because they think nothing can satisfy her.

During this moment, both of you don’t see eye to eye or agree on anything. The relationship may not last long when both partners believe they are not wrong or feel they are right. Your woman needs change, and you want her to accept things the way they are. This disagreement won’t take you anywhere.

If you want your relationship to last, there are some solutions you can adopt. Being flexible a bit might be all it takes to counter this problem.

How To Solve: Be willing to change

You have to agree that things are not perfect if you want to save your relationship or prevent your woman from leaving you. If everything were perfectly fine and okay, you wouldn’t be in this situation. Ignoring this obvious issue might be easy, but candy-coating is not the answer. You have to be open to change. Accepting change or agreeing to her needs does not mean that she is always right, but it may help her out in admitting to her imperfections.

Communication is essential if you want to save your relationship; ensure you talk to her. Starting an open conversation will prevent accumulation of anger. It will also stop you from hiding your emotions and damaging your wellbeing.

During a breakup, men usually end up regretting because they were not able to express themselves. Communication will help your woman see your efforts and also give your mind peace knowing you have given your best. If you do things the right way, she will appreciate your concern and honesty.

Another important aspect of communication is that you listen to her. See things like you are/were in her shoes. Try to understand her actions and thoughts. Even though you don’t agree entirely, making an effort will make her want to consider your side.

3. She has a better support group

Since women find it easy to discuss a breakup with their friends, they can also talk about their discontent in a relationship with their friends. In this regard, women have lots of people they can trust. Men are more affected by relationship strain because it threatens their self-worth and sense of identity, unlike women who have a lot of supporters.

How To Solve: Improve communication

This is another important reason why you need to communicate with your partner. You need to be the first person she confides in whenever she wants to talk about things that trouble her. If she prefers talking to her friends instead of you, then they may advise her to leave the relationship. And I am pretty sure you don’t want her to end the relationship.

It is also important you find someone – your own support group – besides her that you can share your emotions with or discuss issues in the relationship that troubles you. Not only will this help you in sorting through your feelings before talking to her, but it will help you deal with a breakup in a healthy way in case it happens.

4. Your woman has cheated already

Most women often sort to cheating on their partner with another person to get out of a bad relationship. Some do it consciously, and others do it unconsciously. It’s likely that this situation is probably a way for her to feel good about being unfaithful, something to help her deal with your regret. “I cheated  because I am no longer interested in the relationship.” Unluckily, it is not easy to prove the underlying cause for her disloyalty.

From my observations so far, men are less likely to admit that they have cheated, and more likely to remain in the relationship after cheating with their partner. In contrast, women are more likely to confess or end the relationship because they feel guilty before their partner discovers the truth.

Sexual addiction, lack of self-esteem, bad sex, boredom, revenge, and the thrill of sexual novelty are less common reasons why women cheat.

How To Solve: Ensure she is sexually attracted to you


Sometimes, the underlying issue is strictly physical, and you can adopt some measures to ensure that sexual spark continues burning. Identify which of your qualities your woman loves the most. Does she love it when you are active in general? Or when you work out? Or when you are showing off your athleticism?

Women are drawn to the alpha male features incorporated in your lifestyle. Personally, I am most turned on when I see my man working with his hands, whether he is working out, carrying heavy equipment or repairing something in his car or at home. All the things he does that I find it difficult to do creates a feeling of desire and the reassurance that my man can fulfill that need makes me sexually attracted to him.

Some people I know find men more attractive immediately after they workout, when they are sweaty, nice and swollen. While others are drawn to some guys with certain skills, like an artist or musician. Discover what she likes most about you and use it to your advantage. You will have her running back to your arms as she did when you started a relationship with her.

Once the attraction is alive, ensure your sexual communication is also on point; if it is, both of you will receive and enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction you desire. Try different methods. Talk about your favorite positions. Be confident when asking your partner to try a new thing, as long as he/she will be comfortable with it. The key to a healthy, sexually fulfilling relationship is making sure both you and your partner are engaged.